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Use-CacheCluster is a PowerShell only command, not a SharePoint command, does not affect SharePoint or any clusters.

Use-CacheCluster is a command in PowerShell that set's the active session to the desired cache.  This makes no changes in the actual cache or cluster configuration, only alerts PowerShell that you are using a CacheCluster that is registered on the system.  If no CacheClusters are installed, you can add them by adding ConnectionString or Provider to the command.


Sets the context of your Windows PowerShell session to the desired cache cluster.

When you start a Windows PowerShell session, you must first run this command. If it is on a cache host, you run the command with no parameters, because the parameters are taken from the cache configuration on the computer. If you are running it from a non-host computer, you can use the parameters below to specify the desired cache cluster.

Parameter (alias) descriptions are as follows:

  • Provider (P): The provider that is used to store the cluster configuration settings. This can be either System.Data.SqlClient or XML depending on how the configuration information is stored.
  • ConnectionString (C): The connection string to the database or location of the XML configuration file.